Monday, February 10, 2014


Reading: Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown , Hollow City by Ransom Riggs

Wondering:  If I am going to find a teaching job or if I need to break down and student teach for 6 months with no pay. 

Thankful:   For my husband and my wonderful family and support system. With all that has happened the past few weeks I am so happy I have amazing people I can depend on.

Eating: Chicken Fajitas with some delicious guacamole

Watching: Olympics. I love the figure skating and the snowboarders

Working On:   Studying for Special Education TExES test, organizing my house, a blanket that I will probably never finish 

Loving:  Guacamole and forest creatures. I have my office desk decorated with owls, hedgehogs, and foxes. I feel like I need some squirrels too. 

Attempting:  Workout on the regular, I have been wanting to tone up my arms a bit, my shirts are getting tight and with my naturally broad shoulders it is difficult to find cute shirts that fit my arms/shoulders right now.

Wanting:   Da'Hubby's gifts to arrive. I got him the LootCrate and I am so excited to see what he gets. I am so bad about getting too excited and ruining the gift by giving it to him early or dropping too many hints but this way I know nothing and it is killing me.

What are y'all currently up to?

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