Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Bad Way to Start off a Month

I was not going to mention this but I feel by not doing so I would be doing a disservice to you and my loved ones. This month I have had 2 of the most amazing men I have ever met pass away.

My husband's boss who was like a father to my husband and myself passed away with H1N1, pneumonia, and other complications to the sickness. It was so unexpected. He was truly the most generous, kind-hearted stubborn man I  have ever known and I hope my children are half the man he was. His whole family has accepted Da'Hubby and I into their lives and it is an amazing feeling that though not blood related we were and still are his family. I was hoping for my children to have this wonderful man teach them all that he knows about life, cars, love, and family. I plan on living my life that would make him proud. I know I will not be able to be as great as him but I will try my best to be the daughter he always wanted me to be.
The family and I urge everyone to get the flu shot and if you feel sick go to the doctor, no amount of money is worth dying due to stubbornness.  

The other equally amazing man was my Grandpa. He had been sick for a really long time and was on hospice at home for a few weeks so we knew it was coming but it is still sad when someone you love leaves. My Grandpa had the greatest sense of humor and he taught me not to take myself too seriously. Growing up we use to feed the animals in his back yard, bbq all the time, I would play salon and fix his hair or give him massages, I would bug him while he watched the news or stock report, and he just cracked jokes and loved every minute of life. He had love for everyone he had ever met and I never saw him angry once. He is going to be missed by all who met him, but now he is no longer suffering. 
This is the man I grew up loving not the sick man we lost. I will always remember him like this. 

I am sorry this was a long sad post but I feel I had to honor these great men. I hope that your month is going better and hope you are safe and well.

Please get the flu shot!!!

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