Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Crushes

I saw this over at eighteen25 and thought it would be fun to try. This is my crushes for this Valentines Day.

 ♥ Main Crush ♥ 
My Husband!

 ♥ Musical Crushes ♥ 

Hayley Williams, Avi, Michael Buble

Um I love me some of that Avi DEEP voice
That man can sing the phone book and I would melt

 ♥ Superhero Crushes ♥ 

Green Arrow
If only he looked like this on the comic books.

 ♥ Blog Crushes ♥ 

I have loved this girl's blog since I first read it! 

This lady has the coolest clothes and takes the greatest pictures. 

 ♥ Painting Crushes ♥ 
Found at THIS epic Etsy shop
Found HERE

 ♥ Decor Crushes ♥ 

Source please? I want this in  my room so bad

This ladies amazing craft room!

What are you crushing on right now?? Should I make this a regular thing? I sort of loved making this. 

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