Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Getting into the Spirit of Things

I have tried and tried but I am not getting into the spirit of the season! Halloween is easy. There are movies, candies, pumpkins and so much. Christmas is just as easy! You have decorations, Christmas shopping, music, Santa, movies and the chill in the air. 

But right now I am stuck. How am I suppose to get into the Thanksgiving spirit? 
I tried with decorations - no luck
I tried with talking about what I am thankful for - no luck
I tried with pumpkin spice eggnog - no luck (but I am ready for Christmas)
I tried planning Thanksgiving Dinner - no luck
Hay Turkey
It does not help that our weather will not make up its mind. In the morning it will be in the 40s then around lunch time it is in the 70s! What kind of fall weather is that? I went shopping this weekend and people were running around in SHORTS! I do love the warm weather but not when I am trying to get into the spirit of the season.

What do you do to get you into the Holiday season?

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