Monday, November 12, 2012

Cleanest Turkey "Fryer"

This is my first year to cook Thanksgiving dinner (well at least part of it). The Mister is going to cook the turkey and since we do not have a turkey fryer we had to buy one. I really had to twist The Misters's arm on this one. We went to Academy and we looked at the traditional fryers but for a good stainless steel pot instead of an aluminium one we had to pay an extra $50. We decided that $50 for the burner + $50 for a pot + the giant thing of peanut oil every time we had wanted to cook was a little too much. We found thins bad boy on sale for $79!!!
And as you can tell somebody was VERY happy.
(Ignore the ugly floors! We need to knock out a few walls before we lay new floors down.)
Basically all of that was to show you this!
We had to test out the fryer before T-day so we cooked a drunken chicken and it was so moist, and the skin was so crispy! Clean up was a cinch - everything is dishwasher save and the best part.... NO OIL TO RECYCLE OR DISPOSE OF!!!!! If you are in the market for a good fryer for your Thanksgiving turkey I recommend this 100%. I am not going to make health claims but I am assuming it is healthier (no oil and all). I have only found one thing that a traditional fryer has this beat and that is that you cannot boil crawfish in it but I can always borrow my Dad's for that right?


How are you preparing for Thanksgiving?

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