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Book Club: Pretties


I enjoyed this book, not as much as the first book but I still enjoyed it. Scott started off this book right where the last book ended (which I kind of like). I do not like feeling like I have missed a huge chunk of the story and with his straight continuation I did not have to worry about this. I will have to say the one thing I really hated about this book was the Pretty-Talk, to use Scott's words it was crazy-making. I know it was just in my head but when I was reading and they were speaking in pretty-talk I heard Valley Girls and it was killing me. True I could have changed the voice in my head but that is how I pictured it.

Now for the spoiler bits:
In the beginning of the book Tally is Pretty, she had turned her self in after she accidentally called Special Circumstances to The Smoke. Her plan was to be the guinea pig for the lesion medication. The beginning is rather slow to be honest, just a bunch of partying and Pretty-Talk and meeting Zane. The Zane relationship seemed to move too quickly for me, it could be the lesion that made her so trustworthy of everyone but I didn't feel the connection between them. Yay he made her 'fix' her lesion and they took the pills together but besides that and to make a love triangle he felt disposable to me.

Tally's old Ugly friend Peris I thought would have more to do in the book based on Tally's want to get Pretty to see him, but he is not mentioned much and is more disposable than Zane. I know this sounds like I did not enjoy this book but I really did!

When Tally escaped with her gang to go to New Smoke is when I really started to enjoy the book, I guess I like being in the wild just like David.  When Tally discovered the reservation with the Savages was by far my favorite part of the book! They all thought that she was a God because she was 'Shayshal'. I think this says a lot about people, when you feel people are prettier than you of better than you, we tend to put those people on a pedestal. This is a YA series and kids have to deal with this all the time in school. Look at the popular kids as the Pretties they feel like they rule the school and the regular students are the Uglies waiting on their time to be Pretty, but regular people can be 'Shayshal' in their own way which I think is what this book is about. I also like how Tally was able to show Andrew not to be afraid of the little people and that there is not edge. 

Tally has left the reservation and makes it to The New Smoke just in time for the Special Circumstances to come in and capture everyone. Tally being the Pretty that she is decides to stay with Zane (HORRIBLE DECISION). I really do not like him as a character or a love interest. And like that the book is over. 

I really did like the book! I do not like some characters Zane and Peris. More and more I am disliking Shay. By the end I hated her but it progress though out the book, and I do not hate her character like Zane or Peris but more like Draco Malfoy who you are suppose to hate. I hate Zane and Peris because they seem to be there just to progress the plot and nothing more. 

 So have you read the book? What did you think? How obvious was it about my least and most favorite parts of the book?


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