Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding Planning Update

It is official we have set a date and we have our venue booked and paid for!!! March 2 2013
 Yes March 2, 2013 is the official date! We had to wiggle around some other events around that time but we found the perfect date. Thanks to a little hunting our date has some good stuff on it.

1904 Dr. Seuss was born
1966 Ford celebrates 1 millionth Mustang
1863 Texas declares independence
1793 Sam Houston was born

Sure bad things did happen on this day but I want to focus on the good.

Our venue is also a bit of Texas history. 
This picture is of the Lucas Gusher, and because of it Texas economy changed forever and brought my corner of Texas into the oil industry. The town around the gusher has been rebuilt and we have booked it! Plus after we get married they will shoot off the gusher just like above (but with water). 

On March, 2nd 2013 the Mr. and I will be on that platform expressing our love in front of our friends and family.


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