Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Book Club: Uglies

Uglies (Uglies, #1)
Have y'all heard of this series? I love it!!

Synopsis:  Tally Youngblood is a normal girl waiting to turn 16 so she can join her friend and be Pretty. All was going to plan until she meets a girl named Shay who does not want to become pretty. Tally learns more about her world then she ever thought possible and it changes how she sees everything.

This book has been showing up in my Audible, Amazon, and GoodReads accounts as a series that I would enjoy so I thought I would give in an read it...I am SOO glad that I did.


So how did you like the book? I love Scott's idea of the future and it doesn't seem that far off to me. OK some of it is far fetched but the pretty surgery seems like something that might happen in the future. Look at out current celebrities and how people get plastic surgery to look just like them. Or how some of our celebrities are famous for nothing but being pretty (or releasing a sex tape *cough**cough* Kim Kardashian). I think that the whole asking the wall for supplies will not happen, but who knows it is always in futuristic shows (Jetson's , Eureka, Etc.)

This book started my hatred for Dr. Cable, the way she manipulated Tally was horrible. She was denying this poor girl who was not even interested in leaving the city  the ability to become pretty and meet up with her old friend because of some one she JUST met. It is hard to change 16 years of brain-washing and Tally didn't even believe in The Smoke, so why even bother with her to begin with? ( I know it is need for the book but seriously) Without sending Tally to seek out The Smoke (thus proving it is real) she would not have learned about the lesions and what they do to you, and there would have been no further problems.

 Anyway, I was amazed how quickly Tally was accepted into The Smoke, true some thought she was a spy but David was instant pals with her. The David-Tally romance was great, short, but great. I thought he was just the sweetest guy, convincing Tally she was beautiful with all of her imperfections and Tally was able to see that David's unsymmetrical face and scared eyebrow were no longer ugly but something that made him special. This is when I feel Tally first started to change her way of thinking that would help her in the future.

I did have one other 'problem' with this part of the book but like the other 'issue' it is a way to make the book move ahead, but was easily changed, the necklace-tracker. Tally was told that it only worked if it flashed her eye, and David was talking about how everything in precious in The Smoke and things are not just thrown away but traded or gifted, so why burn it? True a silver necklace will not be worth as much as Speg-Bol or a filter bottle but it could be worth something so why burn it? Yes, if she didn't burn it then the Special Circumstances would not have come and we would not have a series but come on Tally use your head.

I am stopping here because I do not quite remember where this book ends and Pretties begins abut I will pick up from here when I review Pretties.

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