Monday, September 26, 2011

Sweet sweet weekend

How was y'all's weekend?

BBQ Crabs

I had a great date night with the mister. We went out for BBQ crabs.

BBQ Crabs 2

They were SO good! I didn't even care that my stomach was upset I still dove in and chowed down. We had the platter service, which meant all you could eat. We were fatties after that meal and went home to pass out in a food coma.

Sunday was all about football. Mister was stoked that his team won again. They are undefeated thus far (which is only 3 games but he says undefeated sounds better.)But They are doing much better than they have in past seasons.

But it was a good weekend anyway. I even squeezed in some canning since H*E*B was having a produce sale. I will come back with pictures of the finished product since I forgot to take action shots(I know, I know for shame)


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