Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pumpkin Butter

So I made some delicious pumpkin butter the other day! I am so excited for Thanksgiving, we are bringing them to the houses we go to and are handing them out as hostess gifts. It was fun, but hard to peel the pumpkin.

That is not my pumpkin I forgot to take a before picture. Mine was much bigger! It was 12 pounds of the 'meat'.
I had to have Josh peel it because the skin was so tough. But I did cut it into little pieces for him. Can you see Taco in the frame? She is so spoiled! 
We had so much we had to put it into two batches.
All of this went into the garden. We were going to roast the seeds but decided to just put it all in the garden.
The hardest part of the whole process. The smell! O my goodness 6-8 hours of Thanksgiving smells! It was awesome, and so tempting.
It was delicious! Now it is just sitting in my pantry waiting on cooler weather.


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