Monday, September 12, 2011

11 more days!

Can you believe fall is in 11 more days? Our lovely weather went away this weekend. We had such nice weather but now it is back up in the 90s. That is what I get for living in the south I guess. Just because the weather is warm that will not stop me from wishing it was a little cooler.
I did enjoy the weather this weekend at the Winnie Trade Days.
I love going to the trade days! You can find the greatest things. I found some cute oil lamps and some extra globes for the one at home missing a globe. It was so fun! Plus step mommy is selling fans there now, so I got to spend some time with my parents. But it was way too hot so we got so lemonade and left for Michaels. Have you seen the sales they are having right now? I am in heaven!!! I got a few things but I need to go back I am running low on yarn. Luckily the sale is going on until the 17th.
I found out that H.E.B. is now selling pumpkins! I know it is early but I am so excited!! Pumpkin butter here I come!!! Well I am off, I will have to set up my lamps to show them off to y'all & make so pumpkin butter.


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