Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pumpkin Update!

Remember that pumpkin butter we made? Well we tossed all of the scraps and seeds into the garden. And look what we found!
pumpkin patch 2
How exciting is that? We were not even expecting anything but maybe some nutrition for the soil. We have so many pumpkin plants!
pumpkin patch
We have over a dozen. And the really fun part is that we are going to save seeds for next year and grow a proper pumpkin patch in the back yard! I cannot wait. We do not have any patches locally, the churches sell them on pallets but no one sells them still on the vine. It will be nice to sit in the back yard on a hay bale sipping cider gazing at my pumpkins.
Source: kamlau.com via April on Pinterest

It will not be this big, but how fun will it be? I will have to find a whole bunch of recipes for pumpkins, you can only have so many jars of pumpkin butter.


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