Thursday, September 29, 2011

Missing fictional characters

I do this after I finish a series or a book. It is like a love hate thing, I love getting to know the characters but I hate it when they leave. Like in Doctor Who when the 10th doctor reginerated into the 11th. I cried like a big baby! Don't get me wrong I love me so Matt Smith, but he is not Tennant.

Just look how cute he is, how can you not miss that?.

But it is not just Dr Who that this happens with, I know many people on line feel this way about Harry Potter. Right now I am feeling that way about the everyone from The Legend of the Seeker. It was such a short series and it was SOOO good! I miss it, and I just finished yesterday. I was telling Mister about it the whole time I was watching it even though he wasn't watching it with me, he was so lost! I want to watch more of it, to see what happens next. The show did not end with a cliff hanger but I still want to know what is next for this evil stopping group. I may go and buy the books the series was based on. I am not sure yet! What do y'all do when this happens? Do y'all re-watch the show or reread the books? I just want to know more about them. I guess this is why people write fan fiction, they are not ready to let their fictional friends go. The book series is 11 books long and by Terry Goodkind, I may have to get mister to take me to a book store this weekend. Hopefully the books will be better than the series, so I can fall in love with the characters all over again.

Who knows I may just go to the library and check the books out first to see if they are as good. All I know is I need my syfy fix and I am running out of shows to watch. If y'all have any recommendations let a girl know! I am starting Stargate SG-1 now (I hope I like it) It has Amanda Tapping in it so it should be good....Right?


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