Thursday, September 13, 2012

The magic in life

As you may remember I was sick for a little while but it was not a cold or flu or anything easy it was my panic attacks taking over.

It was a Saturday morning and I was going wedding dress shopping with Josh's mom, my Momma C and Deidre, Momma C's mom (AKA G.G.) and Josh's boss's wife (whom I adore and she treats us like we are her kids)  but I was so excited and anxious and nervous I got sick. I took a few stomach pills and once I started on trying the dresses on I started feeling much better.

Well until I got home, that is when it all caught up with me and I was horribly sick and just went to bed. The next 2 days I had to choke down food, I was not hungry, my stomach was upset the whole time and I was clammy. I knew what was wrong with me it was a giant panic attack but they had never lasted this long before. I also started to think that I was nauseous because I must be pregnant, which made me more anxious and sicker!

On Tuesday morning I went to the doctor and I am so afraid of going to the doctor because I am afraid they will always tell me bad news but I love MY doctor, he makes me feel comfortable and I can relax around him. When I went in I did not see him abut I did see another doctor I had never met and I started to have another attack. When my nurse came in to check my blood pressure and pulse she said it was incredably high and talked to me while I was balling and was in full on panic attack mode. After talking to her for a good 10 minutes I calmed down enough to have my pressure and pulse taken (they were in a great range this time) and I was able to see MY DOCTOR. I was thrilled! We talked about my wedding, my parents moving, up coming holidays and the honeymoon and how they are making me into a giant ball of nerves and anxiety and he prescribed me some medicine to take the edge off and I began feeling so much better.

When I left the doctors office I felt like the world had been lifted off of my shoulders, and I could finally breath. It was a rainy morning and I just walked out to my car looked up and let the rain hit my face and I could not stop smiling. I knew I was about to get the help I have needed to fix my nerves and let me live my life again.

I started taking my medicine the very next day and it has been about 2 or so weeks and I feel better than ever! I have not had another panic attack, I have been around my triggers and nothing has come of it and I cannot be more thrilled!

Heck we had a hurricane warning and I was able to live through that without having to take any extra pills!
I am so excited to live my again!
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Let's Vogue!!

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