Thursday, November 17, 2011

More Cakes

SAY WHAT! More cakes? Yes!!! Well, one more cake.
After my post yesterday it has been bugging me that I  did't have all of my cakes on-line or on my computer. So when I finally I got home (after getting my couch!!! YAY!) I went straight to my sewing room to hunt down some more of my cake pictures. I only found one but it is my favorite one!

Baby Shower Cake (Front View)
Check that out! I am so proud of myself because of this cake! That is 100% edible. I make the blocks out of graham crackers & fondant, the pacifier was cookie, cake, airheads, fondant.

Baby Shower Cake (Rear View)
This is the back view of the cake. The number on the back is when the baby was born (or estimated birthdate   since the cake was before the baby was born).

Baby Shower Cake (Top View)
And a top view. I seriously LOVE this cake! It tasted amazing too. (I had some scraps when I was baking it)

This cake was for my old English teacher and she loved it! Like I said yesterday I don't like to charge people. I tried to give this to her but since she was my teacher, she was not allowed to accept gifts from students, so I charged her $20 and she gave me a $20 tip on top of that because she said that even if she went to Wal-Mart it would cost more and not be this good.  

Anyhoo I just wanted to share this cake with y'all. Have a great day!!