Monday, November 14, 2011

Mini Watermelons and Couches!

My goodness what a weekend! 
The mister was the Best Man at his friend's wedding so on Friday night they had the "bachelor party" at the house. And by "bachelor party" I mean 5 guys hanging out, 4 drinking plus one minor, all playing washers and well being guys. I hung out with the 'step'-daddy and his wife across the street to stay out of the guys' way. Saturday we (by that I meant me) got up and made some bacon and waffles for the hung-over boys.

It was weird seeing this guy^^^ being serious. 

Then headed out to get my oil-changed and tires rotated. Which took FOREVER! One of my tires was lower in PSI so they fussed with that for an hour looking for the leak then giving up and putting on a new stem & resealing it for me. Luckily all tire work I get done is free because I bought this set at their shop. The too so long I had to rush to get dressed on time to head across the border (the wedding was like 20 minutes away in Louisiana{but still across a border}). 

The funny part was this I rushed for no reason because the guy we were suppose to meet with was late so we just hung out for 2 hours. By we I mean me and the groomsmen & groom, I did enjoy myself the guys were cracking me up. I did not get any picture of the wedding because I really didn't know the groom too well and I didn't meet the bride until after the wedding, so the camera stayed in the car. I will have to say I wish I had busted it out the wedding was in in a field next to a pond, and behind a barn, the bride rode up on a horse & carriage, it was precious. The theme was very rustic and AMAZING! The mister should be getting a few pictures form the camera man & I will post some of them but man it was so great I hope my wedding is that nice. Any who, Mister had too much fun if you catch my drift so it was an early night because the next day we had a birthday to go to. 

So Sunday we (me) had to make my little sis a cake for her birthday party at noon across the street. I left it to be decorated because she love to doodle and decorate anything she can to add her own special touch. 

Laura :)
I love my sister but as you can tell she like to be different. I love it every time I see her, her makeup is crazy and her hair is ever changing. 
We spent way too much time over there at the 'step'-daddy's and wife's house but we did find a BABY WATERMELON! It is an accidental watermelon just like our pumpkins but look how cute this dude is!
I was so excited about that. But we left to go buy a new couch!

That is the couch we are about to get! I called and they have it in stock but it might rain so I am wait to see it rains or not so I can get my wonderfully comfortable couch!

I hope y'all had a great weekend too!

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