Monday, September 30, 2013

There are only 85 days until Christmas!!!

We all know that I started my Christmas shopping at the beginning of the summer and now I am getting to the hard to shop for. I love my family but man some people are just so impossible to shop for.

Da Hubby - easy peasy lemon squeezy - he wants Detriot Lions, Star Wars, Legos, Futurama, and tools
The Princess - Hello Kitty, Sharks, Disney,crafty stuff
My Dancing Niece - Ballerina or Disney
Anyone under the age of 10 fun educational toys or crafts, Disney if it is a girl; football for boy
Brother in laws - Longhorn or Baylor
Real Brother - Guns, Zombies, or Jeep stuff


I am doing pretty good this year with making presents but with my aunts I have no clue. I could etch some pyrex for when they make casseroles for the church or etch drink glasses, but that is all that I can think of.

I am at such a loss what do you get for people who like to party and wear blingy clothes? I am not one of those shiny people so I do not know what to get them.

But seriously here are some of the presents I have made so far:

I absolutely wanted to steal this so bad! I made 3 more bracelets like this. 

I saw one like this on Wanelo, when I followed the link they had no more :( 

I am making a few more gifts but I am worried about posting them until Christmas or I could just not put they are gifts (you know if I wanted to be cleaver).

How is your Christmas Shopping/ Crafting going? How does your family celebrate?

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