Monday, September 16, 2013

What I have Learned while I was away

So I have been away for a bit but I have learned a few new things

1.  Schools in my area will not call you to tell you they picked someone else for the position

2. When you go to an interview it helps if you mention your work with autistic kids or they will not know

3. People do not really read resumes

4. Watching football live is way better than watching on tv

5. When making apple butter your house will smell amazing

6. It is nice to have an insurance adjuster live next door, they tell you insider secrets

7. When going to a football game always check the weather report or you will get soaked

8. I am better at poker than I thought

9. Paula Deen's jambalaya is quick and delicious to make

10. 90 degree weather is not helpful when you are wanting to get into the Fall spirit

11. Splitting a bag of pistachios with Da' Hubby with make your tongue raw and lead to a lye bump

12. Jones Soda Halloween flavors are out and the red licorice is good, the caramel apple is like creme soda but sweeter and with a tartness to it

13. No good movies were on TV on  Friday the 13th

14. Making jewelry is pretty fun

15. Da' Hubby is not a fan of me stealing his tools to make jewelry

16. I am smarter than an 8th grader ( I passed my 4-8 generalist TeXes test)

17. Psychology in college really helps when studying for my special education test

18. Si Robertson has a book out - I may have to go buy it

19. Salon pedicures last so much longer than home pedis

20. Starting Christmas shopping early is the smartest thing I have done this year


What have you learned while I have been away?

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