Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Club: Specials

Specials was suppose to be the final book in the Uglies Series, until Scott decided (thankfully) that the series should continue. This book was my favorite of the series. I could re-read this book so many times I loved it.

(this will be a spoiler if you have not read the 1st 2 books)
Tally is now in Special Circumstances but she is a 'Special' Special called a Cutter, thanks to her frienemy Shay. With her new abilities she can finally shut down the New Smoke, but her past is still haunting her.

My review: (straight from Goodreads)

Like I said in my updates this book took me a while to get into but once I was into it I could not put this thing down. I love the message she leaves in the end, I think that was my absolute favorite part. This book had such strong characters and I was not expecting some of the twists, which is always a good thing. I actually like that Zane dies, the love triangle was not strong in this series. Usually in love triangles the girl is torn but by having her mind wiped and being manipulated, Tally doesn't remember David so her falling for Zane was not a betrayal and she was disgusted my David's ugliness due to her lesion. I liked the romance between Tally and David it felt more real. None of this has anything to do with this book but the series as a whole.

The book itself was great, I loved that Andrew was able to get free and is working with the New Smoke, I really liked his character in Pretties. I loved the way Tally manipulated the Doctor, it felt like a long waited retaliation. I never would have thought that the Doctor would every be anything but evil and manipulative. I actually felt sorry for her in the end old and worn out like her mind felt she was still superior but when she looked in the mirror she realized she wasn't and couldn't handle it any more. This is a series I could read many many times and still enjoy it.

4 out of 5 stars

What do y'all think? Have you read the series? Do you want me to continue my little book reviews?

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