Thursday, March 8, 2012

**UPDATE** 24 Before 25

Picnik collage
#6 I finished both Divergent and Crossed. I also got Walter The Fating Dog for Josh and even though it is only 10-15 pages I read it, and it was silly and great! Well I have officially finished off this task. I should have made it a higher number, but now I know for next year. (I am also listening to The Sweet Potato Queen's Wedding Planner and Divorce Guide by Jill Conner Browne, it is hilarious!) 6 out of 5
#14 Um I do not have a schedule set up, but I am keeping the house cleaner all together. 
#18 HA this is not working at all! The only thing that is staying on plan is this post.
#19 getting engaged has helped with this one too! Getting to see my family show off the ring plan the wedding it is nice.
#20 Well this happened! I had no control over it but still it is marked off the list too.
#22 This is tentative. I met someone though the nerdfighter site, but I am waiting one the first email (since she is in the middle of a move)
#23 Getting engaged helped me with this. Many of my old friends from High School and I have been chatting much more mainly about their marriages and my upcoming one, it is really nice.

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