Monday, March 12, 2012

Hidden Treasures

I may have mentioned this before but I love estate sales! I feel like you get to know an older generation and the stuff you find is amazing. This weekend the Mister and I headed out early to check out an estate sale with boy toys like Star Wars, GI Joe, WWII and Space. The Mister was more excited about this one than I was, but we got there and it was PACKED! I swear the whole town was there it was crazy.We were able to get 2 things that we love.

game table collage
Check that bad boy out! I love it! It is a game table made around 1952. We know this because the last president listed was Eisenhower and it doesn't say when his term ended! It is amazing. We got this beauty for $20 can you believe it!? I have found the same table with the top in worse condition than ours for sale on ebay for $180. Now ours is NOT for sale it is to be kept and loved for more years to come. 

3/12/12 weekend
1. Taco snuggling with her mama, making it difficult to play on the computer.
2. My beautiful new ring holder 
3.Yummy cotton candy with my love
4. Seriously we love cotton candy 
5. Sat. was too early of a day to cook breakfast so we stopped for doughnuts
6. Food Fight!
7. I couldn't quite reach it
8. Delicious mini banana nut muffins
9. The Mister's new toy from the estate sale


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