Thursday, October 21, 2010

What is the cleanest animal in the rodent family?

I do not know what started my little obsession but all I know is that I cannot stop thinking about squirrels and how darn cute they are! At my Uni there are squirrels everywhere & I take full advantage of that. I am constantly taking pictures of them, and I am also trying to get them more use to me to feed them. I learned a trick to get their attention by hitting 2 walnuts together. I have it now were the  squirrels will stop and watch me so I can take pictures like this!


It is like he wants to give me a hug!

And how cute is this guy hiding in the tree staring down at me? 

O Man this obsession is getting bad...did I tell you I bring squirrel food to school with me to feed them? I know I they are not eating it all because I have seen the crows around the tree eating the food...but I still want them to be happy and full! 



Funny story: Wednesday before class I was feeding & taking my normal squirrel pictures (I have night classes & the path I take is usually empty) and out of the blue my professor walks up. First off I was surprised when I heard someone call my name, and then embarrased so I began explaining myself (ahhh Loser). But it turned out good he is one of my psyc professors so we talked about how to get the squirrels more accustomed to me. YAY!  Okay I think I am done with my fasination...for now at least!


Answer: Male squirrels...It takes them twice as long to groom as female squirrels.

P.S. am I the only one who is super excited about Just Dance2 for the wii? I need it so bad!

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