Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Simple How-To!

I am trying something a little new today and am doing a tutorial. It is easy-peasey, but I like it either way.
What I am going to show you what to do is this bad boy.


This is just a simple Halloween decor I did at the man's house. I do not have a silhouette or cricut so I went & got  pack of plastic skeletons for a dollar for 8, but any who here are the supplies needed.


Scissors, fishing line, skeletons, lampshade, sewing needle


Okay and for this next step get fishing line a little more that double the height of your lamp shade and send the line through the top lip of the shade.

Next you put both sides of the fishing line in the top hole & then through any bottom holes you may have and thread one side of the line through the bottom lip of the lamp shade & tie to the other piece of fishing line.  

I hope that my little tutorial made some sense. 


Thanks for stopping by!!

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