Saturday, October 23, 2010


I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately. I am not currently overwhelmed I am actually "perfectly whelmed"(? eh oh well) but the reason for the thought has a lot to do with my art class. I am not an art major nor am I talented at drawing (which is the name of my class Drawing I) but any who...basically when I started the class I, well to put this in the nicest way possible...sucked big time!

But I am getting better! But one night I got so overwhelmed I cried the whole way home(30 minute drive mind you) and I vowed not to do that again! I get frustrated at myself quickly and I also catastraphise situations to make it seem worse than it really is. Like I said I am working on this, but here is the kicker Momma C wants me to take 2 classes during the winter mini session at uni so I can graduate next semester and I am TERRIFIED not just because I will be trying to fit a semester for 2 classes in 3 weeks time frame but also the pressure that will be put on my to finish school. I make decent grades I cannot say I am the best student, I failed an accounting class but since the major change I have been much better.( I just couldn't learn from that man!) I am just so worried about letting down my family if I fail and am not able to graduate on time(yes Jessica keep on catastraphising and making it seem worse) I know logically that this is an improbable outcome, because I will be so happy about not having to deal with school and studying that I will work my tail off but the thought still lingers. Will I get frustrated and overwhelmed and have a nice long cry session on the way home? Will I fail a course? Will be able to even sleep during the winter mini with Christmas, New Years, School and work? Will I ever cure my ease of frustration and catastraphising?
What about ya'll do you ever feel like that?

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