Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things I ♥ This Week

My theory here is that I need to set a day to do my favorites and thursdays sound good. I know me and if I do not decide on a specific day to do something I push it back until it never gets done (main reason I make myself notes all the time).

1. She & Him ... mainly this song and video but everything Zooey Deschanel & her sister do I adore.

2. Silly finds at stores...squeezable apple sauce? really?


3. Carving pumpkins with the family!


Sorry about the quality here I was sorting seeds for roasting & Josh had gooey hands so we enlisted his brother to be the photographer and he failed us.

4. Scarecrows selling pumpkins!


I am part of the unlucky bunch that has to drive 2 miles to find a pumpkin patch where they are still on the vine. Heck my pumpkin options are a hand full of churches selling for missionaries or wal-mart (I picked the church)

5. Studying for tests in this beautiful weather...on the weekend only, I am too busy in the daylight to study I usually start homework/studying around 8:30 or 9 after I get back from class and have eaten
I wish that was me with that squirrel!

Okay guys I will chat with ya'll later & tell you how great my Halloween dinner get-together goes Saturday.


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