Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Silly Silly Me!

Goodness I would forget my name if it wasn't on my driver liscense. So I have attempted to udate my blog many times since my last post but I forgot my password. Well long story short I finally was able to fix that so YAY!

Now for what you have missed.

Cheese cake for my marine stepdad
This is a cheesecake I made for my ex-marine stepdad for Memorial day. All of the berries were freshly grown in SETX and the jam was made from the same fresh berries.

Silly Josh
And here is the silly Mr.Man at the park at the lake.

I did not let him have all of the fun there. I had a blast playing on the swings, the horse swing and the giraffe slide. (Sadly no picture of that it was in the water and I didn't trust people with my camera in the water)

I concored the space-ship

My Favorite thing at this little park was this spaceship. It had a pole in the middle of it and it reminded me of an alien go-go dancers cage. Too bad I didn't have a green outfit to play around some more in the cage.
All in all this was my Memorial Day weekend adventures.

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