Monday, May 24, 2010

Wonderous Weekend

My weekend was amazing! I was watching my step-dad's house and critters while he was out of town and it was eventful. Friday night was boring nothing real exciting happened just relaxed and ate the roast he left me...YUM.

Saturday I woke up early to make blueberry waffles (farm fresh yum!) and this slowed me down so I didn't make it to the farmers market. But who can be sad eating this?

After eating I checked the chickens for eggs and if they needed anything & I found this little guy in the incubator

We named him The Hulk because of how he popped out of the shell.
The day only got better we picked blackberries and I got all scratched up but I guess that is what you get for doing so in a skirt. But it was so much fun I didn't care.
I have been with the boyfriend for over 6 months not too long but long enought to know he has a barn right? Well I gues not! I found out over the weekend, and I cannot wait to go discover it! I think it will be grand to go back there and see the hidden treasures it may have. Camera is a must for that trek!
Sunday was bland Waffle House breakfast then animal check then Mario before eating a garden fresh dinner then home!
It was a great weekend and next week is the lake...(maybe I will not look so albino next monday!)

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