Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vaction Pictures Pt 1

I got back from my vacation on sunday and just loaded half of my pictures on-line. I thought that ya'll would like to see them.

lauras pictures 292
Here is the group shot on the stairs. We went tubing down the Frio River, playing at Garner State Park, and walking/shopping in San Antonio.

Hangin On
This is the front part of the cabin near the outdoor shower.

lauras pictures 217
Awe! Just how cute are my step-parents in front of some hills in Garner?

lauras pictures 212
This is the kids photo. We saw these rocks and thought what a picture oppertunity. My brother Matt is so goofy with the Captian Morgan pose & how hip does my sister Laura look? (o ya still at Garner)

lauras pictures 294
Seriously can you even go to San Antonio without taking a picture of this building. (and sadly we didn't find Pee-Wee's bike)

check out my booty
Here is the man of mine holding me so my feet could stay dry. How sweet!

I will add more later but this was enough for now.


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