Friday, May 14, 2010

Busy Busy Night

Man, last night I was did a ton of sewing and I wore my dress that I just made and that I am so proud of. So let's see it right!

Work in progress Skirt
This is still a work in progress I haven't hemmed it and I need to make it easier to put on.

Fuzzy briefs
This is just a joke pair of boxer briefs for my step-dad...funny story but too long to tell...sadly :(

Reversable laptop bag

Reversable laptop bag reversed

This is a reversable Laptop bag I made for my step-step mom for Mother's Day but I to make some adjustments.

OK so don't mind the awkward stance and confused look I was talking when the picture was being taken. BUT, anyway I made this dress thanks to simplicity the picture does not give the fabric justice. It is super flowery and pretty.
And now for my favorite picture of the whole day!

Blake huggin Harley
My baby sister Blake is hugging her puppy Harley, she loves that dog it is so cute. She even kisses Harley's back when she is hugging her.

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