Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book Review : Street Lights in Wonderland

I think I accidentally turned this into a book/shark blog. Eh, oh well I like both of those things a lot so I guess it would make sense. I was going to wait to review this book until I had finished with Alten's Meg series but I could not wait I needed y'all to read this amazing book! 

Street Lights in Wonderland by Ashley McNiel 
 Amazon Description
"Suicide is a word commonly spoken in hushed tones and darkened doorways whenever I was near. It held a stigma that people never seemed to truly understand. It usually preceded words such as: selfish, mental illness, hopeless, damned, and my least favorite, coward. 

The word suicide held one specific meaning for me: Eli Nicholas Hampshire. " 

Shainelyn Bradshaw led a normal, happy life, until one night, her boyfriend of two years, committed suicide. 

A year later, Shaine was still trying to figure out her new world without him. 

Grief had consumed every aspect of her life. A once outgoing, bubbly, piano prodigy, now did nothing more than survive. 

Until the day Langston Fletcher burst into her life, breaking down every wall Shaine had built, then standing triumphantly atop the rubble. Langston turned Shaine's new world upside down. 

Langston shows Shaine that there is more to life than merely surviving. He shows her that the entire world is her personal Wonderland, and the best times of her life are yet to come. He's going to make sure of it. 

But just when Shaine thinks there is a chance at a life, and maybe even love after Nicholas, life shows her once again, it has other plans. 

Sometimes the same ghosts that used to keep you company, come back to haunt you. 

A story of adventures, life, and love.

My Thoughts

After this book I was just done. I was and still am in a book hangover. It was incredible, she had my crying in the first 10 pages. Shaine is an inspiration as a female character, she grows so strong and aware of herself. I hope this book teaches girls that you can be strong and confident without or despite a guy. With that said I am 100% in love with Langston not Hughes. He is incredibly well written and wise beyond his years, mentally and spiritually. I really love a good spiritual, but not preachy character and that is Langston. I feel that if I go on I might spoil this book and I do not want to do that. I will say that at times I wanted to throw my tablet, I was so frustrated about what I thought would happen next. This was made worse by stopping to sleep and I was dreaming about different outcomes and I always go worse case scenario.  But in all honesty I love every heart-breaking, anger inducing, falling in love with fictional characters moments of it.

My Langston not Hughes - ya that is Brandon Boyd from Incubus (1) (2)

I devoured this book in less that a day(split by sleep) I could not put it down! Only reason I did was Da'Hubby cannot sleep by the glow of my tablet (OOPS)! If you want a good summer read you have got to get this book. Ashley is coming out with a novella and a book two to the wonderland world and I cannot wait. I might have to reread this book a few times before they come out just so I can get my Langston not Hughes fix. 

Also be sure to check out Ashley's book blog HERE. She is an amazing person and an incredible author!

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