Monday, July 28, 2014

Book Review : Meg Series - The Trench

Da'Hubby HATED me reading this series, it is all I wanted to do. He wanted to watch a show with me and I was like "I am almost at a stopping point" 2 hours later  "are you done yet??" - Da'Hubby. I just got lost in this world where Megs are real and an ever present danger. 

Book 2 - The Trench 
       This book (obvious by the title) takes place in the Mariana Trench 4 years after Jonas' second trip into the trench. Jonas is remarried to Terry Tanaka (daughter of the friend he helped) from the previous book. The female meg (Angel), birthed by the Meg that left the trench and was killed my Jonas in the last book, is in the Tanaka Institute Lagoon with feeding shows for the public. Now with the success of the Angel of Death shows lawsuits are rolling in from the families of the victims of the Meg deaths, putting a strain of Jonas' marriage, his wallet, and even causing a miscarriage. To make ends meet the Tanaka-Taylor family have to make a deal with the devil. Not wanting to leave the lagoon because he fears Angel will escape Jonas stay while Terry goes (against his wishes) to the Mariana Trench, and she doesn't realize how much danger she is really in. 

I love Terry in this book, she was a bada**, much better that the last book. We also meet the devil's disciples Celeste Singer and Benedict. I thought I hated Jonas' ex-wife but after meeting Celeste I would not mind having the ex back. Both Celeste and Benedict have ulterior motives and are not afraid to kill to get it done. We found out that the Megs are not the only thing that go bump in the night in the Mariana's trench. I do not know who was more dangerous Celeste and Benedict  (and his goons) or the other aggressors in the depths of the trench. This was a great sequel and that is not easy to do. This was such a thriller because in took place 5 miles below the surface of the ocean. Everything was amplified to dangerous measures, and there is no escape except death. If you have not started this series this book alone is worth it. 

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