Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Skittle dress to Prom?

I have heard about Duct Tape prom dresses for scholarships and I have heard of people making their own dresses for prom but this one was all new to me. I may have written about my sister once or twice on here, but she is a unique person. I love her but she is 'special'. She is graduating high school in 2 weeks and for her senior prom she wanted to stand out (like she can do anything else) and she had this idea for a Skittles dress.

before prom dress
 I seriously found this dress on a what not to wear site
We were given this special kind of dress by our cousin who wore it 5 years ago or more to 8th grade banquet, we had some work to do!

Some chopping and sewing later we had this bad boy. We ripped off the top gauze and added the Skittle wrapers, added some straps, shortened the skirt, and added some more tool and this is right before the finishing touches.

skittles dress top
Add in the make-up and hair extensions

Now add on a date and one Happy Happy Happy Dad pose and it is off to enjoy Prom.
I am so glad my sister had a great time & I was able to help with it! 

So what did you wear to prom?

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