Tuesday, May 21, 2013


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Reading: Speaker For The Dead by Orson Scott Card the second book in the Ender's Game quintet. I am really enjoying this book so far. The first book was awesome and this one is matching up pretty well. It is so nice to read for leisure and not for school.

Wondering:  If I am going to be hired on to teach for the next school year. I have put in my applications but have not heard anything yet so fingers crossed. 

Thankful:  I am so thankful to have the family that I do and that we are so close to each other. A snake was in the bed around our tree in the front yard and my brother-in-law (who is terrified of snakes) and Da Hubby came to save me from the baby snake. 

Eating:  I have been all about fruit smoothies lately and strawberry jam. Momma Bear made a big batch of strawberry jam and it is AMAZING

Watching:  I am re-watching Fringe now that Doctor Who is on hiatus until November 

Working On:  Our garden is slowly looking better so I am working on our front yard, flower boxes around the trees, porch, fairy garden etc. 

Loving:  My new hair cut! I got my bangs and hair trimmed and I feel so much lighter. I was getting headaches from the weight of my hair when it was up and too hot when it was down, so my trim makes me feel so much better. 

Attempting:  to organize my sewing room and dressing room again, I get them clean and then I start on a project or get too lazy to put my clothes up and it gets worse and worse. 

Wanting:  to spend time with my family this weekend for Memorial Day. 

I saw this on Kaelah's blog and thought it would be a fun to try out. 

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