Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Still so somber

I was wanting to do a count down to Christmas like I did for Halloween but then I made the mistake of turning on the news last Friday and I have not been able to put a post together. I am so sad for the families, I am sad for the town, I am sad for the children who survived and are being bombarded by news crews to get their reaction, and I am sorry for everyone in that whole situation. I was crying all day Friday and I went to go see The Princess preform at her school and I could not wait to give her a huge hug. I held her until it was time to go, then I cried the whole way home thinking how could anyone hurt such sweet angels like that. I want to teach that age range of children and I love all children that I meet, and I am still at a loss of how this could happen.

All of that being said I think the news coverage of the event should be over with. The media is making this into a media spectacular to get more views at the cost of the families trying to heal and the are planting the seed in peoples heads. By that I am talking about copy-cat crimes. After the tragedy at Columbine there was a media frenzy and because of that there were copycats like this. This explains the phenomenon a bit more.

I am truly heart broken, but it is time to stop with the 24-hour news feed, stop talking about the killer. Stop turning another killer's name into a household name, stop making these killers into celebrities. Can you name anybody killed in Columbine? No. Well how about the name of the killers, of course. What about Charles Manson? Can you name any of his kills? or Ted Bundy? or any other mass murderer? They become infamous but their victims are not they are just the nameless who made the killer famous. It hurts me to say that but it is so true. I want to make a happy post but I had to get that all out. Thank you if you read this. I had to have my rant.

I love you all and I hope that you and your loved ones are safe and happy this holiday season & I will hopefully do a Christmas post before the big day.


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