Monday, December 10, 2012

Results of 24 before 25

I know that y'all were so curious on how well I did on my 24 before 25. Well I did okay.

24 before 25_01

I decided to omit number 1, 17, 10 and 11 so I could focus on wedding stuff.
Number 2 is partially done. I have clean and organized it but I have not yet decorated it. I am waiting on our new floors.
Number 8 we decided we might turn the laundry room (more like closet) around so it will not open in the dining room.
Number 9 fix up bedroom - I was just to darn lazy for this one.
Number 16 I am waiting for after the wedding (2 months and 19 days)
Number 21 again I just was too lazy and failed at this one.

I was able to finish up all of the others!!! We tidy up everyday before bed and on the weekends we do laundry and a deep clean. Our living room looks great (minus floors). I donated clothes to goodwill and my sister. I have used pinterest and worked on making new recipes by adding and omitting ingredients based on our tastes. I have 2 pen pals, one online one through snail mail. Had a girls night not long ago and a good friend of mine too my engagement pictures. 

I am so proud of how well I did and I hope I do as well on my next list. It should be up later this week I still need 3 more to come up with. 

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