Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hey guys sorry for being MIA for almost a week but I have looked like this:

Yes I have gotten the dreaded yearly cold!!! Every SINGLE year I get a cold once and it is usually in the winter/Finals time. Luck for me this is the first in 4 years that I did not have finals while fighting a cold. And for those of you who are/did handle that I applaud you! (because that shizz it HARD)

Anywhoo I am better now! And before I was fully sick during the weekend I got to see my little pumpkin in her Christmas play at school and it was SUPER cute!! She was an elf building toys and singing. I did not bring my camera(I left it on the charger )  But she was super cute and my dad recorded it so when I go watch it anytime. After that it was birthday dinner YAY! We all went to Robert's Steakhouse & Meat Market which seriously has the best steak EVER!!! The meat is such good quality and we go there so much all the waitstaff knows who Blake is. Granted they always see her with different adults so they usually don't know who our parents are but they know who Blake is. But ya after that dinner is when The Mister and I took a nose dive down the sick road! All is well now I even have sparkly nails to spark up my mood since i have been so sleepy lately! 

Can you tell I pop mu knuckles by this picture? Older people always say that they can tell when they see my hands. I cannot help it, it feels so good to pop them then my hands are sore or tired!

Hope y'all stay healthy! What do y'all do to get out of the slump after being sick?

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