Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Reviews: Meg Series - Primal Waters

Book 3 - Primal Waters
       18 years and 2 kids later we rejoin the Taylor family barely making ends meet, with Angel's departure from the lagoon and the cost of upkeep the Taylor/Tanaka family may have to sell the institute. Jonas is attempting to write a memoir but it keeps getting interrupted by his 17 year old daughter, Danielle's music and  phone solicitors so he takes a break.  The family goes to an annual Shark tooth festival in Venice Beach to talk about Angel and other Megs, this is when Jonas is offered a way out of the whole, but it might put him in a grave. A group of dare devil enthusiasts whom looks up to Jonas, for his heroic killing of Angel's mother and his dives in the trench, want him to be an announcer to their new reality TV show about daring stunts in the middle of the ocean. Jonas goes with his daughter to be the announcer DareDevils but what he doesn't know is that the person backing the show is the last person Jonas ever wants to be at sea with. 

My love for Terry was GONE in this book, she was a coward! I get that she has PTSD but she did a complete 180 in this one. She will not fly(she use to be a pilot!), she will no let her son scuba dive in the empty, is terrified of Jonas going to sea again(OK I will give her this one, she was right) but she drove me crazy. She did face some of her fears but she was just annoying. Her son, David, on the other hand is awesome. He was fearless, he would not take anything from anyone, he is his father's son. Mac was great in the other books and started off aggravating but grew as a person in this one, with help from his godson David. Dani (Danielle) was a typical teenager, thinks she knows everything, her parents are old and to cautious to do anything fun, and just a brat. She does grow near the end and learns to really respect her dad, granted she had to nearly die for that to happen. But, hey growth is growth, right? 

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