Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Review: Meg Series - Hell's Aquarium

Book 4 - Hell Aquarium
        4 years after Primal Waters, Angel is back in the lagoon with 5 new pups. 3 runts and 2 sisters all from the same litter but with the aggression the sisters seem like they were a litter of their own. Unable to get the Institute expanded to hold the bigger Meg family, and with RAW(Release Animals to the Wild) group breathing down their backs Jonas sells 2 of the runts to a United Arab Emirates aquarium. What Jonas didn't know is that the crown prince wants more that just the Megs in his aquarium, he wants the prehistoric animals the late Dr. Maren claims to have found. Jonas unwilling to go on this suicide mission, David on summer break from college wants to go to Dubai to watch the megs and train recruits on the Manta Ray submersible. Again much like his dad, David puts his life in risk for love. Back at home the sisters kill the last runt making RAW come on even harder and even planning on breaking into the institute to releasing the sisters. During this time Jonas is secretly planning on releasing Angel back into the Mariana Trench. What Jonas is doing can save lives while Raw is putting much more in danger.  

David makes this book, he is strong yet bull headed and is willing to risk everything to protect the ones he loves. Jonas despite is advancing age is still throwing himself into danger to save others. He makes dives no one his age ever should, he get in the lagoon with Angel (ok she is in sleep mode but still) he is like He-Man, nothing can stop him. Dani has really grown up, though her and Terry are not in this book that much, which I am not complaining. Most of this one takes place in Dubai with David. He is being played like a violin and he has no clue, he went thinking he was never leaving land but just like the crown prince planned from the beginning David goes down to Maren's underwater lab to collect the information needed. The prince knew that only someone from the Taylor family had the ka-hones to go down not knowing what they would encounter. I was actually sad in some parts of this book, there was a bit of a love story in it, at first it was annoying then it grew on me. I was terrified at some points, and others I wanted to fricken strangle someone and I am 100% surprised Mac and Jonas were able to keep their cool. All in all it was a great book. A lot more technical than the previous books, which was a bit annoying I basically skimmed over those parts since it was just jibber jabber and had not meaning to me, tinsel strength, construction mumbo-jumbo, and lifting power, no need for it but hey if that is your thing you might just enjoy those parts. But the meat of the book to action, the hidden agendas, love story, the edge of your seat thrill parts, that is where I was and I enjoyed every bit of it.  Absolutely would recommend if you have read the previous books.

OK I am sorry this was so wordy but it is a book review so it happens. My pal Ashley McNiel has published 2 more books so those will be my next reviews I hope ya'll enjoy!

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