Thursday, July 28, 2011

So have you missed me?

Well let me tell you I have been so busy lately! I had vacation and instead of catching up on my doodles I decided that re-watching one of my old favorite shows would be so much better.

Source: via Rusty on Pinterest

Charmed was such a great show. I am a little biased because I love SyFy shows and that whole genre.

And I know he was evil but man o man Cole was one demon that I would be with. I agree with Phoebe on him.

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Right now I am on season 4 out of 7 but I cannot wait to re-finish this series.

Speaking of Syfy shows who else is watching these shows?

Source: via Rusty on Pinterest

Source: via Rusty on Pinterest

I am totally ADDICTED! I had the premier in my calendar since they first mentioned it before the summer even started. Yes I am that big of a fan girl. OH and on the topic of fan girl-ism, who else is super excited about Neverland on SyFy coming in Dacember? I cannot wait! Well now you know what I have been up to and coming soon to a blog near you my vacation pictures!


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