Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A day late...but its ok

Last night I was in vacation planning mode. I went to my step-dad's house and we worked up a shopping list for next weeks vacation to the Frio. After that was over I hopped on over to Mr.Man's house to cook some dinner before he got home from working late, I finally made it to my house at 9:30 then talked to my step-mom about our trip to the lake this weekend. By the time all of this was done & I was about to lay down to go to sleep is was 11:45pm!!! I was barely able to keep my eyes open when I was brushing my teeth. So today is a two post day my doodle from yesterday which it my most recent accomplishment and my doodle for today which I have to do during lunch which is to draw a comic.

Without further adieu today's doodle!

Day 12

OK so I don't graduate until August 13th but I finished my classes already I just haven'y walked yet. But that is close enough right?


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