Thursday, June 30, 2011

Game Night!

I Love game night and I have many video clips from a recent game night. We played Quelf which is the funniest game I have ever played!!!

Source: via Elias on Pinterest

It has silly rules cards, it makes you do ridiculous skits, and say silly things! I can only show you a video of me because my family might just kill me if I make a fool of them in my blog. lol!!!

Josh drew a card that said if anyone rolls a 3 they must say any sentence you choose, he picked "I have poo poo in my pants and it stinks". 
I almost died trying to get my camera when my dad had to say it because he had to wear a bike helmet during the game, thanks to a rules card. 
O well heck, my brother will never read this so here he is...

I just love my brother! He is one of those guys who is just so cool, and he was trying so hard not to look stupid saying "I have poo poo in my pants and it stinks"


P.S. I will try to get a game night going this weekend for another game night post!

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