Monday, February 7, 2011

Winter in Texas!

Thursday and Friday here in setx we had frost and scary roads. I left work early on Thursday and skipped work on Friday because I have never driven on ice. That and Mr. Man kinda slide across the road on his way to work and he promptly got off the interstate & went home until 10:30. He told me to stay off the roads because there are 6 overpasses I have to go over and they were super slippy.

Texas Frost
This is just from my front yard I have more on my phone but I have yet to upload them to my computer.


In case you were unware I am so not a fan of cold weather. I can only drink so much hot cocoa to stay warm. I use to live in Missouri and I was miserable the whole winter! I think icecicles and snow are pretty in pictures and from out the window but not to play in. It is cold and wet & make me cold and wet, I am a Texas baby through and through!!  Well I shall have another post up soon so see you then!


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