Thursday, November 4, 2010

Things I ♥ This Week

I know, I know I missed yesterday.... BUT I was so busy so I am doing it today.
This week is going to be mainly from my weekend at Ren Fest

1.Renaissance Festival!
I went this weekend & had a blast! Unfortunately my camera was acting up so I didn't get many pictures.



This weekend was also Halloween, Like I said my camera was being janky & I got no pictures of little pumpkin trick or treating. :( O well she loves her costume so I bet she will wear it again.

3. Elephant Rides!

Elephant Ride

It was so much fun riding with the other girlfriends...getting away from the guys and all

4.Finding Waldo!

Where's Waldo

I saw this guy way in the distance & took off in a sprint to get his picture


Nutty Pirate

In high school our mascot was the Mighty Pirates, and even though I didn't have much team sprite I still love pirates.  (The sign says I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts)


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