Monday, September 27, 2010

Beautiful day in the neighborhood!

It was wonderful going out to my car this morning in 66 degree weather! Usually I have to turn on my a/c as soon as I get in the car in the morning because it is already in the 90s by 7:30 when I leave for work. I was so excited because that means fall is coming and I can put on my stockings and boots with my dresses and skirts now! YAY! This also means I get to break out my tea pot and hot tea again...oh and hot cocoa. I love it when it is cold so I can stay in the house cuddling with the man wrapped in a cozy blanket and watching movies.I am so happy! I do not like to be outside when it is real cold (by this I mean 50 and below) but I love the clothes, the food, the drinks, and the holidays of this cold weather season. With all of this being said here are some tea accessories I think I need.

Tea Time

Tea Time by Jesslsteele featuring a disney

What are some of your favorite fall things? or do you not like the fall and are more of a fan of the other seasons?


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